Saturday, April 2, 2011

Simplicty 2413: Project Runway Skirts

I sewed a spring skirt using Simplicity 2413.  This is view B which is a full A-line skirt with pleats in the front and back, on seam pockets and side zip.

The cotton print I used had a white ground and it was a little sheer so I added a lining to this skirt.  I made my version of view B without the wide band at the hem and I used the pattern piece for the wider waistband instead of the bias trimmed waist band.  Even though I left the hem band off I still had to take 5 inches off of the length of the skirt in order to get it to be the length shown above!  That is alot of hemming even for me.  Overall, I'm happy with this skirt.  I love the big roses and pops of yellow.  I like the retro-vibe that the skirt has and of course I love the pockets.  I'm sure I'll wear it to work a bunch once the snow finally melts. 

Here is my problem with Simplicity patterns - They do not list the measurement for the waist of the finished garment on the pattern envelope!  Only the length of the finished garment is listed on the envelope for this pattern.  Dear people of Simplicity, how is the home sewer supposed to figure out what size to make if she knows her own waist measurement but not the waist measurement for the finished garment??!!  How am I supposed to know how much ease the pattern has at the waist?  I have to get the pattern out and measure the tissue, that's how, and it is no fun!!!  But it is necessary for a skirt like this that is high waisted and full through the hips and thighs.  The waist is the critical measurement.  So, if anyone is thinking about making this up in a size 12 note that the finished waist measurement is about 29 inches.  I hope that I can save another sewer some time and frustration.  Happy sewing everyone!


  1. Great skirt, very pretty and so perfect for spring! I love that gorgeous fabric.

  2. Very pretty. You are right. Patterns don't give out finished widths of waistbands. I'm petite and hard to fit and take it as just standard to flat pattern measure every pattern. Not fun, but necessary. It's a pain whenever something gets in the way of our getting right to the sewing but sometimes there is a nice payoff.Your skirt is certainly that. You did a beautiful job and it looks lovely.

  3. Thanks ladies!
    Eugenia - The fabric is from The line is Day and Night I think.
    Bunny - I'm petite too - 5 feet tall so yes, fitting is always a challenge! The more I sew the more I realize that the measuring and pattern altering is the most important part. No matter how accurate my sewing is, the garment won't turn out unless I got the pattern right.

  4. Gorgeous skirt! I get frustrated with the lack of finished measurements, too, especially the waist.