Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simplicity 2211: Market Blouse, Muslins, Take 3

Ok, so I'm making some good progress on the market blouse muslins.  Here is the size 12 muslin - this muslin was made with a 1" full bust adjustment.  I also released the side seams - beginning 6 inches from the hem where the seam is 5/8" I tapered to 1/4"  at the hem which made a huge difference in the gathering I was getting at the small of my back. 

If this pattern were a more fitted shirt I'd try to make some additional alterations however, the design is for a loose fitting pull over style.  I think if I went for a closer fit than what I have with this muslin I'd just be straying from the design which I don't really want to do for this.  So, I've already got my fashion fabric all prep-ed and I'm ready to sew!  I have decided to use self fabric instead of actual interfacing for the neck band pieces.  Hopefully, my next post will have pictures of the actual blouse - whether complete or in progress, I can't be sure!  ;)

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  1. You are doing great. If you take a look at the side view picture, your side seam is still pulling to the back. You may want to add some width to the back, not the front. I would also encourage you to sit down, wearing this muslin and make sure it feels comfortable while sitting and not hiking up on you.

    Looking forward to the fashion fabric version. :)