Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sitting Room Renovation: We have paint!

I am pleased to report some great progress on my small sitting room renovation. 
The fixture is hung and I love it! 

And the walls have paint!  Wait, did I really pick that color?

Ok, when my husband and our nanny saw this color on the paint chip they were supportive but I did detect a little bit of doubt.  When they saw it on the walls they were full on freaked out.  It is very pumpkin pie.  If you wanted to be mean you could say it was orange.  My husband's exact words were, "Honey, I know you love Halloween but ..."  He couldn't even finish the sentence.  Because he was afraid I would kill him.  The color is actually a Behr shade called "Mulling Spice".  I felt that I was taking a risk in chosing this color and without any window treatments or other decor it is really hard to see what I'm going for.  What I wanted was an unexpected nuetral that was warm and maybe even brassy without being harsh.  And my plan is to add great prints and lots of color to the room with the curtains, upholstery, etc.  See, like this:

The photo above is from the most recent Mackenzie-Childs catalogue, it shows their Highland collection.  Lately I'm very drawn to this type of over the top pattern on pattern.  More is more I say.  Look how they have the turquoise painted shutter next to the orange-ish wall.  Unexpected right?  On their own those 2 colors would probably just look weird together but add in all the prints and suddenly it looks just right to me!  Usually I chose more conservative colors and patterns for our house.  But, you know how you see something in a store or a magazine and you think, "that is really cool but I don't know if I could live with that everyday in my house"?  Well, with this little room I'm just going for it.  I am pressing ahead with my original vision - undetered by the strange looks even my painter gave me when this color when up on the walls!  Next up are window treatments and an upholstered chair.  I will keep you posted...

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