Friday, September 2, 2011

Basic Grey Origins: Throw Pillows

I have had one of the prints from the Basic Grey Origins line in my stash for quite a while.  I had a yard and a half of it which makes me think that when I bought it I was planning a dress or something for my daughter.  Anyway, this past weekend I paired it up with some Kona solids and made new throw pillow covers for my living room. 

The old ones needed to go.  They used to be made from a nice green silk that I bought before I had kids.  Now they were gross - so stained and one even was starting to rip (one too many pillow fights or play fort construction disasters I guess).
I did super quick rectangle piecing for the fronts and quilted in random groups of 1/4" channels.  Then I did a nice pocket opening in the back and I was done.  3 quilted pillows in one weekend!  Hurray for Basic Grey!  I still have about a yard of the print left so it may still end up in Aurelia's wardrobe after all. 

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