Thursday, September 22, 2011

And now a break from your regularly scheduled programming...

This blog is about my sewing projects but I thought I'd do a couple of posts here about a small renovation project I've got happening at our house right now.  We have a small room, just to the left as you enter our front door.  This is a little sitting room that is about 6'x10' with 11' ceiling, wainscoating, great moldings, an original fire place (not currently in working order) and windows on 2 walls.   When we bought the house 5 years ago this little room had fabric glued to the walls and ceiling.  The fabric was blue with huge faded pink roses all over it and rips and holes in the fabric here and there where previous owners had hung things on the walls.  Not good.  Today the room looks like this...

Generally, when we do some type of work on our house my main goal is to upgrade the wiring and add modern conveniences without loosing the original character of our 100 year old home.  So far my husband has pulled the fabric off the walls and ceiling and we have had new windows installed - I chose windows with a row of cottage panes at the top to match the look of the original double hung windows we still have in some other rooms of the house. 

This room gets plenty of day light but at night this sconce is the only current source of light in the room - it is hot wired and you screw the light bulbs in and out to turn in on and off. 

An electrician will come next week to wire the room for a ceiling fixture and light switch.  I chose this hanging fixture:

Then my plaster guy will come rehab the walls including any damage done by the electrician.  Currently the walls have alot of this going on:

Then comes the fun part - paint, window treatments, furniture and stuff for the walls. 

The room will be used as a sitting room and a place for guests to hang their coats and catch their breath as they come into the house.  There isn't alot of room for furniture and the like.  Maybe one nice chair with a side table?  The ceilings are high though and I'd like to draw the eye up.  I would love to find BIG art work to hang.  My current thinking is that I will keep the walls, upholstry and window treatments nuetral and bring in big swaths of color with the art work and other accents.  However, I'm nervous about over doing it because the room already has alot of architectural interest with all of the wood moldings and such.  We'll see how it goes.  I am no decorator and constantly agonize over what to do with our house.  I'll show some more pictures as soon as we have some progress!


  1. What a charming room. I think it would be lovely to have a comfbsitting area in that georgeous window. Just one or two chairs and a table for a drink. Not just for guests, but a place for a quiet moment away from the rest of the family? For reading or knitting or little hand sewing?

  2. Thanks! I'm thinking the same thing - that a comfy chair would be perfect near the front windows. I have my eye on an upholstered one with an ottoman but need to pick paint colors and curtains first. The electrian finished hanging the fixture last week and the plaster guy starts his work tomorrow morning.