Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Free Baby Bib Sewing Pattern and Tuturial

When I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago I saw these gorgeous kits to make baby bibs that came with Liberty fabrics.  I decided to spend my $35 on a whole yard of the Liberty and draft my own simple bib pattern instead.  I'm posting the pattern at the end of this blog entry as a little present for any visitors who happen to be reading my very new blog.  It is a very simple, classice bib pattern.  If you print my pattern and make some bibs please post a comment and let me know how the pattern worked for you and what improvements you'd suggest.  Here is the first draft of the pattern which I designed to be cut on the fold. 

After sewing up a sample bib from the draft pattern I decided to make some improvements.  The second draft of the pattern (which is the version available for you to download) has a slightly larger neck hole and is drafted in a single whole pattern piece so you won't be cutting on the fold.  This bib is a simple project, great for a beginner.  It fits my 14 month old daughter as well as my 40 pound, 2 year old, giant hulk of a boy.  I've included instructions with the pattern in the pdf file below.  Here are a couple of bibs I made for my daughter with the final pattern (using fabrics from Valori Wells' Delhi line.)

You can dowload and print the pattern and istructions below.  Note that I drafted this pattern without the benefit of any special software - just a sharpie and some printer paper - it is not fancy but it will work for you.  Ok, so if you do make up this bib be sure to post a comment or send a picture!
- Liz

Three City Mice Bib Pattern


  1. Thanks for the pattern. Well done!
    I really like your blog and have already bookmarked some of the sites you've linked. Thanks for that too!

  2. Hurray!!! My very first blog comment - I am thrilled! Thank you for your comment and I'm glad that you liked the pattern and some of the links. Hope to hear from you more!
    - Liz