Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome to Three City Mice

This blog is intended to be a spot where folks can come to see what sewing-related stuff I've been up to.  It will also be a place for friends and family to come to see some pictures of our 3 little ones and hear a bit about anything fun happening at our house, projects that I'm working on and any other nonsense I feel like telling you.  Unless you know me "in real life" or you like to sew I expect that this blog may get tedious for you.  Even if you do know me and you love sewing - I make no promises to entertain or inform!  I am too tired to make any blog-related commitments.

Ok, now for some cuteness.  One of my oldest and best friends, Jen (of Sweetpickle Photography) took these pictures of my kids.  Adorable right?! 

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