Friday, March 11, 2011

Anna Maria Horner, how I love thee... Let me count the ways.

Eight new reasons to love Anna Maria Horner arrived in my mail box yesterday.  Silky, silky soft voiles in a rainbow of colors.  These are my first voiles from AMH and the quality of the fabric is just wonderful.  So soft and fluid.  It is really silky the way Liberty tana lawn is but the voile just has some sheerness that you don't get with the tana lawn.  Without further ado here are my new lovelies:

And see how pretty they look mixed with some of the cottons I already have in my stash from AMH's Innocent Crush line? 

I don't think I could stand to cut these up in tiny pieces so I'm thinking I might incorporate them into a very simple quilt.  If you have a suggestion for a good pattern or a link to a fun project in rainbow hues please leave me a comment!  Okay, show and tell is over now - time for lunch.  ;) 


  1. Look at all those pretty colors!! They look so nice stacked together!

  2. Thanks! Now if I could just settle on a project for them. I'm dying to work with them but just can't settle on anything.